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This travel program offers students the opportunity to delve into Chinese culture, society and language. With expertise and certification in travel program design, we work with you to creat a program that will fit your schools’ interests, needs and curriculum, delivering an extraordinary educational experience for your students.


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Where we go

Day 1: Terracotta Warriors – Cycling tour on the Ancient City Wall – City night view;Day 2: Hiking on Mountin Huashan – Enjoy Tang Dynasty dinner show;Day 3: Big Wild Goose Pagoda – Try local dishes at Muslim’s Quarter – Small Wild Goose Pagoda – Shaanxi Museum

Day 1: Kaifeng, capital of 6 dynasty in ancient China, Millennium City park;Day 2: Shaolin Monastery – Chinese Martial art show – Speech with monk – Kongfu class;Day 3: Longmen Grottoes – Luoyang municipal museum – Stroll around old city area

Day 1 at Pingyao: Pingyao ancient city – interactive theater performance “Youjian pingyao”; Day 2 at Pingyao: Wang Family Compound – Zhangbi Ancient Castle

Day 1 at Datong: Yungang Grottoes; Day 2 at Datong: Coal mining museum – Wooden Monastery in Yingxian county; Day 3 at Datong: The Hanging Monastery

Day 1: Xilamuren Grassland – horse riding – visit family of herdsman;Day 2: Xiangshawan desert park – desert ATV – riding camels;Day 3: Jokhang temple – Mengniu Milk Factory and milk farm

Day 1: cliff painting at Mountain Helanshan – China western film studio – Royal cemetery of Kingdom Xia in ancient China;Day 2: The Park of Customs and Culture in the Homeland of minority Hui – Shapotou national desert park, sand sliding, kayak with boat made of sheep leather, camel riding;Day 3: Dongguan Mosque – museum of Ningxia – Chinese wolfberry harvest at local farm

Day 1: Celebrated classical Chinese gardens;Day 2: River rafting – night show “Impression West Lake”;Day 3: Lingyin Temple – Wuzhen, an ancient water town known as the Venice of China

Chengdu Day 1: Chengdu Panda base – Jinli old street;Chengdu Day 2: Boat cruise on Minjiang river to enjoy panoramic view of Giant Buddha – Leisure hiking at Mt. Le to see Giant Buddha – Mt. Le and tea harvest;Chengdu Day 3: cooking class to Sichuan dishes -Stroll around the Wide and Narrow alley

Chongqing Day 1: Dazu Grottos – Board cruise vessel on Yangtze riverChongqing Day 2: Shore excursion in Zhong County – Stone Treasure Fortress – Captain’s Welcome Dinner, crew performance;Chongqing Day 3: Shennong Stream – Xiling Gorge;Chongqing Day 4: the massive “Three Gorges Dam”

Day 1: the biggest and best preserved Sumer Resort in the whole world;Day 2: Puning Temple – Experience various agricultural activities and taste local farm food prepared by local farmer.

第一天:兵马俑-骑自行车环行西安古城墙-大雁塔广场夜景;第二天:乘缆车登顶华山-品尝西安百饺宴欣赏大唐歌舞秀表演 ;第三天:参观大雁塔-回民街特色午餐-参观小雁塔-陕西博物馆

第一天:游览六朝古都开封-参观清明上河图文化主题公园;第二天:游览少林寺-观看武术表演-与僧人交流-参观少林寺武术学校与僧人学习武术 ;第三天:游览龙门石窟-洛阳博物馆-洛阳古城





第一天:游览苏州四大古典园林;第二天:双溪竹海漂流被称为”江南第一漂“, 乘坐竹筏或皮筏漂流-观看山水实景演出“印象西湖“;第三天:江南著名古刹灵隐寺-水乡乌镇



第一天:游览皇家园林承德避暑山庄 ;第二天:参观普宁寺北方最大的佛事活动场所-承德农场学农/种植补栽果树


Why us

In RICH, we believe that our students can have their best travel and learning experience in an absolutely safe environment. From all the breath-taking scenery of the country, to each character in the text book, we make their trip enjoyable and educational, and most importantly, unforgettable.Join us, and here are all you will have:


Exploring this continent sized country spans from the snow mountains to tropical rainforests. High mountains, vast deserts and grasslands, mega-cities and ancient paleces that this country all has.


All kinds of Chinese arts—Chinese caligraphy, painting, paper-cutting and pottery will attract your eyes and having a piece of your own give you the everlasting memory of your travel to China.


An efficient way of both relaxing and gaining strength after outting, meanwhile keep you in good shape after the enjoyment of dilicious Chinese food.

Social Service

Social activities empower young people to get new experiences in some of China’s social institutions such as kindergartens and nursing houses which will stay with them forever.


Face-to-face encounters with local people, student peers and native teachers makes RICH&BLCU’s immersion courses the most effective way to fast-track Chinese language learning.


A close interaction with Chinese people, young peers and Chinese teachers as language partners enables you to experience the daily life of Chinese people and offer you the fastest way of learing language.

Teamwork spirit

A certain amount of avtivities asking for cooperation with your language partners as well as your group mumbers trains you to become a good member of any team now and in future.

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