Chinese summer camp

About Us

RICH Chinese learning center / RICH对外汉语教学中心成立于2007年,是一家主要针对K12青少年中文学习的教育服务供应商。



China, with its long history, magnificent landscapes and splendid culture, always attacts people all over the world. We grew up here, seeing millions of foreigners walking pass the city wall, taking pictures and admiring the view, while few of them actually knew what’s behind the wall. So we decided to do something to show them the “Real” in China.

Real in China(RICH) was founded with the hope to provide young people with opportunities to know China better while traveling. Now it has grown into an internationally recognized company with educational programs in adventure, language, culture, leadership and global perspectives around the world. Thousands of young people have joined us in the program. Luckily, some have had their life-changing experiences.

For the past fourteen years, we have learned that those who experience different forms of life before launched in the world actually do better. So this can be a really good investment—let the kids take risks, try new things and move out of their comfort zone—their horizons will be expanded and they will think in different ways. When they return home, they will certainly have more to offer—to the family, and to the society.

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